About Us

A Warm Howdy

Howdy! As every Fightin’ Texas Aggie should formally greet another. My name is Lauren and I am the proud wife of a United States Naval Officer! Let me begin by saying NEVER before would I have believed someone if they were to tell me that I would take up writing of any sort. I had a very strong passion, shall I say, against the entire concept of me writing papers all throughout school. Therefore, I am forewarning you that my articles may not always be up to par with that of an author, but just know I am trying! God was the one who planted this whole idea into my head and gave me the push towards it. I am still having a hard time grasping the fact that I am actually excited to be writing now, but that is just a simple reminder that God is in control!


Homecoming from an around the world deployment!


Our Military Life

My husband, Chris, and I are relatively new to the military life, but have already been deeply submersed in the military lifestyle. In a nutshell after only six months of marriage, Chris was commissioned into the U.S. Navy and was gone for ten months of his first year of service. At the eighteen-month mark we had conquered countless duty days, two orders to new stations in six months, two months of distant training, three under-ways (at sea training), and an around-the-world deployment. With that being said, you can understand why I am taking a chance and starting a business that can move with the military!


One of our favorite vacation spots! Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Our Family

Chris and I are college sweethearts who met in a country dance hall at – you guessed it! – Texas A&M University. My husband, being a true sweetheart, is my support on this new adventure and the one who helps to make some of my projects possible. We are a family of four with two of us having four paws: Wilson, our very much full of personality corgi who LOVES to cuddle, and Penny Sue, our sweet rescue shepherd mix who joined our Navy family just a couple days after our last move. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for the fingerprints of God on every blessing and journey in our lives.


Our babies with four paws: Wilson and Penny Sue!


Our Purpose

As you now know, we are from Texas and rustic, country, farmhouse, ranch, vintage – whatever you want to call it – is more our style. I love to make handmade things because of the story and care put into them. I hold a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture as well as a Texas Real Estate License. I am very much a perfectionist – one trait that I have grown to both love and hate – and I am a strong believer in everything DIY! From crafts, décor, and furniture, to memorable gifts, delicious recipes, and natural alternatives, I love it all! I decided a blog would be a beneficial way to share my ideas and serve as a portfolio to inspire others. My goal is to provide you with inspiration and fun DIY projects that leave others in awe at the fact that you proudly tackled it yourself!


The Do-It-Yourself life!

This is Just the Beginning

These are only the first steps toward my overall goal that I hope to achieve. My heart is in the right place for this new adventure in which I am about to endeavor; giving back to the military community is one of my core foundations. Be sure to read The Reason Behind the Navy Home to hear more about our story – you won’t want to miss it! God has the wheel on this one and I am eagerly waiting to see what He has in store!


“There’s a spirit can ne’er be told…”

Texas A&M University Bonfire Memorial, 1999