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Creative Apron Display



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A couple of years ago I was out shopping with my mom when I found this horseshoe towel rack. Of course I had to buy it given my dreams of one day owning a horse and all! It makes perfect sense right? Between college and the Navy, I have been living in rentals and as you can figure – all have towel racks. So my awesome horseshoe towel rack sat wrapped up in paper in the closet until one day I would have a home where I could use it. After my husband and I got transferred to our current duty station I was determined to figure out how I could put my towel rack to use when I unpacked it from the moving boxes. I loved it hence why I bought it; therefore, I wanted to use it. It had sat wrapped up in the closet for too long! Of course it took me a while to figure out what alternative use a towel rack could serve until one day it hit me! As we were unpacking and hanging things up I stared at a blank wall in our kitchen wondering what on earth to do with it because it had THIS….. *cue horror music*



That’s right folks, a telephone jack AT EYE LEVEL for a wall mounted phone (or at least that’s what we think it is!). I did not know they even made phones like that anymore?? Why housing installed this in a home only seven years old is beyond me. And of course the jack is in the worst location possible – smack dab in the middle of the wall – but I digress. My solution to hiding the phone jack was with our “HOME” canvas picture my mom gave us as a wedding gift. It was a magical moment seeing the beauty of canvas wall art cover up the ever so dreaded phone jack. No one ever has to know that jack exists… minus the fact I am announcing its existence with this post, shh. 🙂



Our “HOME” canvas was looking pretty lonely on the wall by itself and I was unpacking kitchen boxes when I stumbled across my aprons. My aprons have always been neatly folded and stored in a kitchen drawer in hopes of being used; nevertheless I manage to forget they are there. So instead of my aprons taking up valuable kitchen drawer space and never being used, I realized I had found the purpose for my towel rack!


Noticing not all of the aprons tied around the neck, I needed a quick and easy way to hang them on to the rack; otherwise once again they would not get used because it would be hassle to get them on and off the rack. Plus, it sometimes takes a few tries to tie the neck of the apron just right to where it lays perfectly in place on you and you don’t want to mess that up. 😉 Can you guess what I used to hang the aprons with? That’s right – shower curtain hooks! We previously lived in an apartment with two showers which required shower curtains. In our current house we have two showers but only one requires a shower curtain. Therefore, we had the extra shower curtain hooks sitting in a bag in the linen closet not being used. Well, why not use them to hang the aprons? The color of them worked well enough to go with the towel rack so the decision was made! My hooks have a ball at the end of them to hold up the aprons, but other styles of shower curtain hooks will work too. If you have small children who might knock the aprons off onto the floor then I would recommend using a ring style or “S” style hook.



Lastly, you may have noticed there are five aprons to the two humans who live in this house. Let’s just say aprons are like shoes, you need one for every occasion. 🙂 Here is my reasoning to each apron:

  • Orange Daisies: It was my first apron and it was cute, not to mention perfect for Spring, Summer, and even Fall given the color.
  • Black and White Floral: Every woman needs an apron with her initial on it.
  • Little Black Dress: You need a “fancy” apron for hosting dinner parties! It even has “real” pearls on it. 😉
  • His + Her Texas Flag: This one needs no explanation – it’s what every Texan needs! (Want one? You can find them here: His + Hers)


Our kitchen apron display has led us to wear our aprons now more than we ever have in the last few years. It is a fun way to add functionality and décor into your kitchen!


I hope you have enjoyed my detailed story of our one kitchen wall! Thanks for reading! 🙂



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A Chili Bowl Display



When I was in college, I found these adorable $1 chili bowls (yes, a dollar!!) at my local grocery store. I loved their western, vintage flair and knew I had to display them in my apartment somehow! I did not have a wall shelf at the time, but I did have a pallet and some tools! I chose to do a basic construction, but added the chains for a special feature and enhanced stability. By keeping the construction of the shelf simple, it enhances the vintage aesthetics of both the shelf and the chili bowls. This cute little shelf is the perfect quick and easy project to add some rustic flair into your home. 🙂 Plus, the size of this shelf makes it easy to find a wall to hang it on in any home or apartment!


Be sure to check out our post, A Country Arrangement, if you are looking for the perfect dining room set up to go with your new shelf! Are you ready to start making your own rustic shelf?!




1×8 Wood Board

2×4 Wood Board

2’ #14 Black Jack Chain

(4) #8 Steel Screw Eyes

(4) 1” Steel Cup Hooks

(3) 2” Black Screws

(2) 4” Black Screws

Black Paint or Nail Polish

Long Nose Pliers

Electric Saw

Electric Drill

2 Bar Clamps (optional)


1×8 board at 32″ with 1″ overhang on top of 2×4 board at 30″



Begin by retrieving and cutting your pieces of wood to size. You will need a 1×8 board cut to 32” and a 2×4 board cut to 30”. Next, use pliers to detach the links of the jack chain and create two 9½” long strands. Lastly, paint the steel screw eyes and cup hooks with either black paint or black nail polish.


Note: I was able to get my hands on a very unique and gorgeous wood pallet that was used to deliver some furniture. I honestly do not know what kind of wood this pallet was made of, but I know that it has a red tone on the inside and did not require staining – yay! I have since not seen another pallet made of these quality 1×8 planks instead of the typical 1×4 pine. Therefore, you may have to use other scrap wood or purchase new boards and stain them.




Lay your 1×8 board with the top facing up. Drill pilot holes where two of the steel screw eyes will be, mine are located ¾” by ¾” from the two front corners, and hand screw the eyes into the holes. Use pliers to open the end links on the chains and attach them to each eye. Be careful to not chip the black coating of the chain. Do not worry if you do, simply use the black paint or nail polish from earlier to touch it up.


Clamp or have someone hold the back of the 1×8 to the top off the 2×4. Evenly space your three 2” screws along the back of the 1×8, drill pilot holes, and drill in the screws to attach the two boards. You can choose to add more screws depending on the anticipated weight of décor. Remove any clamps used. Next, lay your shelf with the topside facing down and evenly space your four cup hooks across the underside of the 1×8. Drill pilot holes and hand screw the cup hooks into the holes. You’re shelf is done and all that’s left to do is to hang it up!





Hold your finished shelf against the wall, check to make sure it is level, and drill two pilot holes through the 2×4 and into the wall. Drill the two 4” screws into the pilot holes to hang your shelf on the wall. You can choose to add more screws depending on the anticipated weight of décor. Finally, take your chain and extend it towards the wall until taut. To ensure a tight tension, leave a small space between the wall and the end of your chain to allow for the screw eye to fit in between. Mark the location of your two screw eyes, drill small pilot holes, and hand screw the eyes into the wall. Use your pliers once more to open the end links on the chains and attach them to each eye.



It’s decorating time! Hang your favorite chili bowls or coffee cups and enjoy your new pallet and chain shelf! Are you looking to make a handmade whimsical flower vase to go on your new shelf? Head on over to our post, Hand Picked (post coming soon!), for the tutorial.



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A China Cabinet Substitute


If you have read my post, A Storytelling Fireplace, then you already know we recently rearranged our living room setup. But, before we did, this was our original arrangement for what was the dining room portion of the area. We do not have a big and beautiful china cabinet full of fine china, but I felt this was a nice country inspired substitute. 🙂 Let me just say, I apologize for the not so fantastic picture quality; I did not manage to get nicer ones before we moved everything.



I loved this set-up for the dining room area because it was able to showcase some conversation starters, such as college stories, our favorite vacation spot, and The First Rose my husband gave me, all while storing additional serving wear in the buffet cabinet. This country arrangement was a fun and decorative statement to the room that added storage and color to the standard barren rooms of rental properties.


Anyone who lives in a rental home or apartment knows that storage space is key. The buffet cabinet was actually a piece I purchased when living in the definition of a “zero storage space” one-bedroom apartment. When apartment hunting, I somehow did not notice the massive lack of storage space until I moved in. Of course, this meant I then had to go out and purchase four new pieces of furniture in order to have a place to put everything. Food had to be stowed away in the very few kitchen cabinets, which left any dishes to be placed in the buffet cabinet. Once everything had its place it was the perfect sized apartment for me… until my husband moved in… there was no storage solution after that. 😉


One of the things I love about this particular piece of furniture is its versatility. A china cabinet is exactly how it sounds, a cabinet for fine china, and most always located in the dining room. However, this buffet cabinet is really just a cabinet that can be used for anything and in any room making it a great choice for those who move often. Another perk is the reduced size of this cabinet versus a china cabinet. This allows for greater versatility in where the piece will fit in each given room or new home.



After you have your required storage, all you need is to decorate! Choose some decorative conversation items if the arrangement is in one of your common rooms where guests will be. Be sure to appropriately balance your pieces with one another and with both the size of the room/wall. For example, the Pallet and Chain Shelf adds a nice upper balance to the weight of the buffet cabinet below with its size and quantity of décor. You want to avoid overtaking or understating your décor in each space of your home.


The floral arrangements were originally for the townhouse that I shared with my brother during college. My brother did not want any décor that was “too girly,” but I had already found these adorable burlap bags and had to get my floral arrangements in them somehow. 😉 So I decided to use flowers that were not too feminine in both color and appearance with greenery. The key element here was I chose to use a more masculine twig-like greenery and moss to seal the deal. I explained to him my balance between masculinity and femininity in the arrangement… I am not sure if he actually bought my reasoning, but he caved either way!


If you have a lack of storage space, try not to look at it as a bad thing. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to get creative! You could end up inspiring your friends and help them solve their own storage issues. 🙂


Have a great day!



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