The Reason Behind The Navy Home

If you read our About Us page, you already know a little bit about how we got here. For years, I have had dreams for my future, but was never sure where to begin and how to get there. Shortly after graduating college, God revealed the path that I believe He is guiding me to take in order to make those dreams come true. The passion I hold in my heart is to use my talents in any way I can to help out service members and their families. I grew up hearing the stories of the worst thing that could happen to a military family, and that is the loss of a loved one serving our country. My mother was married to LTJG Cole Patrick O’Neil, a.k.a. “Bam-Bam,” for only seven months before she lost her husband at a very young age. Cole was a F-14 Tomcat Jet pilot for the United States Navy, who was offered the honor of becoming a Blue Angel, and was killed in the line of duty during deployment before he was to become a commercial pilot. I will admit that growing up seeing the pain my mom suffered caused me to want to steer clear of a military man because of the fear of losing the one I would love the most. Turns out, that a man serving his country was the right kind of man God chose for me.


I fell in love with my military man during college. He had signed the contract merely two weeks before meeting me – missed it by that much! – but my fear no longer stopped me from falling head over heals for a man in uniform. Twenty months later I married that man and we are now living the military life. The ironic thing is that I would not trade what used to be a fear of mine for anything in the world. I love my husband with all of my heart and he has shown me the good that comes from the military. The military has blessed my husband and I by providing steady employment, health insurance, the exploration of new cities, base housing, friends who have become family, and so much more. We continue to meet incredible families and make lasting friendships regardless of where PCS orders send us. This lifestyle is hard, but unbelievably rewarding all at the same time. With that being said, I decided to use my skills to form a business that can inspire, comfort, and give back to the community that has done so much for us.


My mother and Cole’s story was what inspired me to start The Navy Home in addition to The Navy Baby. I plan to share more details in the future as to why this is and how I will be honoring this inspiration. In the meantime, a portion of The Navy Home profits, are to be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project under LTJG Cole Patrick O’Neil. My mother started a memorial fund under his name and I hope to one day make it one of their largest donors.


I am going out on a limb here and putting my all into The Navy Home as the beginnings of my goal. I have high hopes for The Navy Home to become a success because I know my heart is in the right place with it all. I have more plans on how I can continue to grow towards using my talents to selflessly help others in the military community, but I am waiting for these baby steps to build into those dreams soon. It is in God’s hands and we are excited to see where He takes us on this journey!


Lastly, if this article reaches anyone who knew LTJG Cole Patrick O’Neil or served with him, please reach out to get in contact with us at My family would love to have the opportunity to get to know anyone who was close with him during his time in the service and hear of any stories you have to share of him.